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Fun? Tricks!

Strengthen your relationship

The tricks allow you to work on the dog's thinking and intelligence while strengthening your relationship and your complicity.
Tricks mean “turns” or “figures” in French and can be considered a mental and physical fitness of the dog.
Taught using clicker training, let your imagination run wild!

Tricks and clicker training

- The tricks develop muscles, balance, and proprioception. They help to awaken the puppy or keep an aging dog in shape.

- Tricks stimulate your dog's mental abilities. He learns to think, to solve the problems you pose to him.
The more tricks he learns, the easier the next trick will be to learn.

- Above all, tricks allow you to create a good bond with your dog and strengthen the relationship. You learn to communicate, to understand how your dog works and how he learns. Your dog realizes that working with you is fun. This increases their motivation, concentration and attention.

-Proprioception can be considered as a trick. It corresponds to the perception of the position of body parts in space. For the practice of a dog sport, they constitute an essential asset in the physical and mental preparation of the dog. It also allows muscle strengthening, injury prevention and posture control.

Classes are given either at your home or on my property in Wavre or indoors depending on the weather.
I teach you the clicker training method and its many forms of learning.

Now all you have to do is let yourself be guided for your first tricks...

Video of some tricks taught to one of my dogs

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