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Chien heureux

Behavior problem

“To love your dog is to respect him.

To respect it is to understand it.

To understand it is to educate it"

His development comes first and foremost through this.

Starting his training correctly is essential when your dog arrives at your home. The majority of the advice that will be given to you will focus on its environment and on your attitudes as a master. An animal is social and sociable by nature and we often forget that it obeys codes different from ours. Let's adopt the reflexes appropriate to canine language in order to establish a climate of respect and trust with your dog. Consistency, patience and repetition are the key words of good education. All this accompanied by positive reinforcement, structure, desire and a lot of love, motivation, play and reward. Everything you need to learn while having fun!

In the case of a puppy, we will explain to you how to help it discover the outside world. The attitude of the whole family is essential so that its impregnation phase (from 4 to 16 weeks) is successful. This phase is barely reversible and will give direction to the dog's behavior.
The puppy also needs supervision to know the limits of what is allowed or not. Good training also helps prevent several behavioral problems (cleanliness, biting, jumping, barking, destruction, anxiety and aggression). My courses particularly raise awareness among (future) owners of the importance of supervising the puppy between 2 and 6 months because this period is decisive for the well-being and behavior of the dog as an adult.

In the case of an adult dog, we will explain to you how to re-educate him or modify certain unwanted behaviors. Dog behavior is adaptive. If its environment changes, the dog acclimatizes to it and changes.
With a little work and patience, no dog is lost!

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