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My method

One single method?

My vision of education is personal and takes into account the respect, emotions and progress of your dog. Whether in dog training or Agiliy, I mainly work on positive reinforcement, reward, clicker...and depending on the pair.

Indeed, it would be too simple to be able to remotely control your dog with a single command like a pre-programmed robot. My way of working therefore varies depending on the expectations of the master but also depending on the dog, the breed, the age, the character... Each dog is a unique experience to which we must adapt while respecting the sensitivity threshold of the animal.

The use of violence is, in my opinion, ineffective. The time for power struggles with your dog is over. It is proven today that patience and will combined with perseverance are much more effective than coercion and violence.

Having always been very self-taught by nature, I have a highly developed analytical and reflective mind. Based on my extensive knowledge, I adapt to different situations by seeking targeted and tailor-made solutions based on the animal and its temperament.

“Trust cannot be claimed, it is not earned” Marc Goldstein.
Upon arrival, the dog does not know you and will not obey you for your beautiful eyes, as beautiful as they are...
The education of the dog is therefore carried out using two tools which cannot be dissociated from the start: the primary physiological need of the animal, food, associated with what we have most preciously, our voice!
In no case does food replace our congratulations and encouragement.

As the relationship and trust builds, the treats will decrease but not the praise!

Food is not given anytime and anyhow. It's up to you to impose the rules of education, limits and mutual respect.

Consistency, patience and respect are the key words of good education. All this accompanied by positive reinforcement, structure, desire, love, motivation, play and rewards for a great bond!
Everything you need to learn while having fun! Easy, right?

It's your turn !

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