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A journey, a partner, fun

Agility is a dog sport that is growing considerably throughout the world.

It allows the master to establish a real bond with his companion in the practice of a sporting activity, certainly, but fun and accessible to all. It is a sport as much physical as mental for the dog and the owner. It allows you to let off steam physically while still having to listen and pay attention to what you tell him to do.

From training to competitions, mutual knowledge and respect will develop within the handler/dog team, in joy and good humor. Agility requires supervised and progressive learning.

Whether you are an accomplished sportsman or your goal is simply to stay in shape, each of you will find satisfaction in agility.

The courses are worked according to the official regulations of the Royal Saint Hubert Society and the FCI.

I am inspired by techniques developed and practiced by champions. Agility is not an exact science, there is no single learning method. Always adapting to the master and the dog, I analyze, I search and I find what best corresponds to the pair.

To do this sport in good conditions, your dog must be at least obedient and know how to channel his energy at a minimum.
For this it is necessary to have 5 education/relationship courses before actually starting Agility.

For a puppy, training classes are essential to get a good start on agility. They consist of relational preparation between the master and the dog and also learning of motivation and structure.

The agility field 40m x 25m

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