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The Hoopers

The Hoopers land at 5100 Wépion 20m x 30m


A course made of Hoopers, tunnels, barriers and barrels!

Whether young or old, big or small, every dog can exercise while doing Hoopers.

  • A sport that requires mental expenditure without physical constraints. It is therefore perfectly suited to dogs who, after a successful sporting career, need to find a slightly quieter activity. While remaining an active sport, physical effort is reduced since the courses do not contain any jumps.

  • Perfectly suited for drivers with reduced mobility. The dog behaves at a distance and the physical activity of the handler is very limited. The dog is guided by vocal and body commands that indicate the direction to follow. The bond between the handler/dog duo develops over the course of training.

  • The dog completes, in a time defined in advance, a course with mainly hoopers combined with tunnels, barriers and barrels. The handler remains in a demarcated area. The dog is “led” from this location and must therefore be able to carry out the bear park independently while remaining in connection with its handler.

  • Hoopers is suitable for dogs of all ages, even with injuries such as hip or elbow dysplasia or back problems (in cases of dysplasia or severe osteoarthritis, intensive training is of course not recommended).

Source: NADAC Hoopers Nederland/French translation Belgian NADAC Hoopers

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