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Puppy on the beach

Individual puppy lessons 2-7 months

1. Balance between listening and freedom

  • Basic rules

  • Good decision making

  • Freedom can be learned

Image by Jonny Neuenhagen

3. Understand what your dog is telling you

  • Effective communication

  • Signals of emotional states.

  • Interpretation and response adapted to canine language.

Image de Jametlene Reskp

5. Relaxed stroll

  • Walking on a leash

  • Walk on foot

Image by Tiny Elch

7. Calm and rest

  • Emotional balance

  • Rest area

Image by Joshua Chun

2. The dog controls its impulses

  • Calm reaction to stimuli

  • Reflection work

  • For an easy-going dog.

Image by Daniël Maas

4. Freedom in complete safety

  • Bond of trust and mutual respect

  • Meeting canine needs

Image by Julian Hochgesang

6. Play together

  • Set limits

  • Stimulate your intellect

  • Know what he likes

Image de Darinka Kievskaya
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