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Image by Jamie Street

Individual lesson Young people 7-14 months

1. Cooperative Care

  • Active participation of the dog

  • Improve canine well-being

  • Strengthen the relationship

Image by Camylla Battani

3. Public life

  • Getting used to noises and movements

  • Good manners

  • Managing Distractions

Image by Krisztian Tabori

5. Vita Course

  • Variety of routes

  • Multitude of challenges

Image by Laula Co

7. All in 1

  • Emotional balance

  • Rest area

Image by Jan Gustavsson

2. Connection

  • attention

  • Eye contact

  • Strong and durable connection

Image by Ryan Yeaman

4. Establish boundaries

  • Bond of trust and mutual respect

  • Meeting canine needs

Image de Ron Fung

6. Flair game

  • Recognition of specific odors

Image by Veit Hammer
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